The feeling of liking someone or being with someone is extraordinary. The beauty of this feeling is the best. But, it’s the first date? Let’s not test the whole inner beauty formula just yet. Let them first get dazzled by your charm. You’ve got it, now is the time to flaunt it. How to do that? Well here are some suggestions based on the venue.

Club Date

So clubbing is it where you are going to go? Now clubs have dim lights and good music and the perfect atmosphere for romance. So those who are clueless right now, here is a suggestion. Wear Heels but unless your height is less than 5’6 don’t wear pencil ones. If your height is more than 5’9 shoes or normal footwear will also work. Some shoes which are matching one piece may also work for you. Otherwise here is a suggestion, a crop top with a palazzo and a heel sandal is a good choice. If you have any shiny tops, wear them with a dark palazzo. It will be the slayer look.

Dolly Jain

Dinner Date

While the club dates are crazier, the dinner date is more elegant. Normal attire will work but what if you are going to a fancy four-star restaurant. You have to be charming for your date and elegant to keep his attention fixated on you as well. Here is a suggestion, you can wear a V-CUT Crop Cami Top, along with a slit skirt. It’ll work like a charm. This along with any heel of the preferably the same color will make you look heavenly. If you are going for any plain or universal colors, then it will be good for a ball dance as well.

Dolly Jain

A mix

Some guys can be smart. They will first go for clubbing and after that a restaurant. Interesting combo and if he wants to impress you hard he will choose a good hotel. So in such a case, what to wear? Go for a one-piece, preferably without any prints. Some good flats or small heels because you are going to be out for a long time. If you are not comfortable with pencil heels, don’t wear them.

In the end, it is just about making the night special. But, the charm and beauty you possess, should be something that should make him wish for you. All the best for tonight and rock’em.

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