Have you ever had assorted chocolates? The beauty of them is that they have very selected nuts in them but these chocolates are more tasty, easy to make, and most preferred ones. The thing about dresses is the same, every wardrobe is different from assorted chocolate. But different chocolates have different nuts. Here are some nuts which as per me should be in your chocolate or wardrobe.


Off-Shoulder dress or top as per me should always be in your wardrobe. They can be in any universal color if you like to be simple or if you want you can always have a simple printed off shoulder as well.

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Mustard color dress

The Mustard color dress has the spring feel in it. You can have a traditional one or you can have a top of this color. Wear it in any season and you can take the feel of spring.

Dolly Jain Fashion Blogger

Turtle Neck T-shirt

Turtle neck T-shirts can be used in office wear and wearing them outside. Don’t believe me? Try this combo of a turtle neck T-shirt, pants, and a formal jacket. Surprised? One more reason for keeping this T-shirt is because, they will come in handy not just in winter but also, in the rainy season.

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The Trousers are of various types and will have too many colors. You need the one which has three things in the following order, appropriate comfort, a design that goes with a maximum of your tops, and lastly, a color that suits the best with maximum upper apparels.

Black T-shirts

Black T-shirts can be worn anytime and in any season. The beauty is that they can complete any and every look. They can be used for double layers or worn solo. Any color of denim looks good on it. Any trousers or palazzo looks good on it.

Dolly Jain Fashion Blogger

The aim is to avoid chaos as much as possible and circulate the wardrobe as much as possible which results in not spending too much money on your wardrobe.

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