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One Dress Two Occasions

A dress can sometimes unexpectedly be perfect for two occasions. You will be surprised that there are just so many occasions where one dress will perfectly fit two occasions. The secret is clubbing two occasions properly. Here are three occasions which I know will have the same dress as a perfect fit for the occasion.

An Interview and An Office Meeting

An interview and office meetings will have the same dress formal codes. But if you are the boss you can also go for smart casuals. The reason behind this is that everyone working above you will be expecting you to be in formals because that is the office dress code. In the interview, you just need to prove that you are comfortable in formal clothes.

A Lounge date/Party and A Business Dinner

The business dinner and lounge party or date do not look like they will fit together? Well, guess what, they do. Business dinners are like getaways from your tiring work routine and so are lounge dates and parties. A pencil dress or one piece will be the best fit for these occasions.

A Dinner Party with friends and A Family get together

You would want to keep this a little casual. Normal denim with a shirt or double layered with a T-shirt will be the best for this occasion. You definitely not necessarily wear something out of the box just for a good time with friends and family. You can be casual.

You can club many such occasions and avoid stockpiling many apparels in your wardrobe at once. So when you start clubbing these together you get more space and more budgets to buy the best and comfortable apparels.

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