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How to convert Indian Outfit into Work Wear

Often our clubbing plans coincidence with our Office meeting. The apparels for both of them don’t coincide, or do they? Here is a simple technique to manage both the events in just one dress. And also get some amazing ideas on how you can covert Indian outfit into work wear.

What you see in this combination is a perfect match of Indian Plazo with Kurti. Now this combination may sound odd at first, kind of like a mismatch but, it is definitely not so. You see that this is giving the formal skirt effect with a shirt effect which is considered the perfect formal apparel while just tucking out the shirt and going to club, will give off that perfect clubbing outfit. So now you don’t have to look tired at parties because you had to go to your home from office just to change, it is going to be more easy now to arrive on time at those after office hour parties.

Why not try such combinations during this Quarantine and sharing them with me, so I can feature an article on that?

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Stay home, Stay healthy and Have fun!

Gender Neutral Styling

Style does not limit itself to Gender. It is Gender neutral. Today we will be trying to explore some gender-neutral dress styles.

Turtle neck T-shirt

Black Turtle neck t-shirts are as it is unisex. When worn with Black jeans it will look good on anyone and everyone. This is my ace of Unisex styling.

Black Stripped Pants with white T-shirt

Now this combo more worn by the female gender but, it is not restricted to them. This is actually a gender-neutral style and does not require you to be feminine.

Black and white Stripped Shirt with Pants

This is a formal Unisex style. The best part of this is that it can be untucked after office hours and then be your attire when you are going to the pub to get a beer. It is not just Gender Neutral it also helps us beat the constraints of time and effort.

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One Dress Two Occasions

A dress can sometimes unexpectedly be perfect for two occasions. You will be surprised that there are just so many occasions where one dress will perfectly fit two occasions. The secret is clubbing two occasions properly. Here are three occasions which I know will have the same dress as a perfect fit for the occasion.

An Interview and An Office Meeting

An interview and office meetings will have the same dress formal codes. But if you are the boss you can also go for smart casuals. The reason behind this is that everyone working above you will be expecting you to be in formals because that is the office dress code. In the interview, you just need to prove that you are comfortable in formal clothes.

A Lounge date/Party and A Business Dinner

The business dinner and lounge party or date do not look like they will fit together? Well, guess what, they do. Business dinners are like getaways from your tiring work routine and so are lounge dates and parties. A pencil dress or one piece will be the best fit for these occasions.

A Dinner Party with friends and A Family get together

You would want to keep this a little casual. Normal denim with a shirt or double layered with a T-shirt will be the best for this occasion. You definitely not necessarily wear something out of the box just for a good time with friends and family. You can be casual.

You can club many such occasions and avoid stockpiling many apparels in your wardrobe at once. So when you start clubbing these together you get more space and more budgets to buy the best and comfortable apparels.

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Sweet Long Dress


This sweet long dress is basically a long Kurti with small embroidery. These types of dresses are good for small functions like house warming parties and this kind of ceremony. The charm of this dress is that it touches the ground a little.

Dolly Jain Fashion Blogger


one can wear this with accessories like a watch and a silver pendant, a watch and a bracelet to complete the look.


It will require an average height because if the person wearing it is too short it will not fit and if the person is tall it will not touch the ground.


It looks beautiful on all shades of people and doesn’t actually have any shade superiority.


You can wear this with Mojris. An alternative will be golden sandals to complete the look.

Simple ways to refresh your Wardrobe

The wardrobe has gone stale is a common problem. The issue is not that the wardrobe has gone stale, it is the regularly worn combos that are not ringing any bells. So, what to do? Here are some suggestions.  1.  Break the season: Sometimes you have a limited stock of apparels for one particular season. How about you sometimes break the pattern and wear something off season. For example a full Shirt with folded sleeves. Break the season’s pattern once in a while and you can refresh your wardrobe easily… Read More

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