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5 Wardrobes Must Have

Wardrobes are not as easy as it feels. Wardrobes can be very messy. If a woman starts to organize her wardrobe, then she will require just one day to get her wardrobe organized. But instead of keeping on organizing it, we can always have 5 things sorted out as must-haves(ie. 5 Wardrobes Must Have). These do not include accessories or footwear. Also, the best thing about them is we for sure own at least three of them as well.

1. A White Tee

A white T-shirt is a must-have. White T-shirts go with almost everything and anything. They can be a V neck t-shirt or a Round Collar T-shirt. The versatility of this apparel is that you can wear it as layered or plain. Consider it to be like chocolate, have it like it is or combine it with something else, it will either get better or stay awesome.

Dolly Jain

2. Denim

170 years and still in the market and in everyone’s wardrobe, Denim is a must for everyone. The reason for the same is that they cannot go out of fashion and if you pick the right one, they will last longer than your boyfriend as well. Denim can be worn anywhere and anytime. From Club to Social Gathering, from Office to House parties. There are different types and with different comfort levels but they are a necessity.

3. Comfy Dress

A comfy dress which you can wear after a long day of work, which you can wear on lazy weekends. It maybe your night suit or a loose T-shirt and loose track pants. But these are required by you because they will make you feel comfortable.

4. Jacket

Jackets are requirements during cold but are a style statement. The confusion always comes in this form, which one should I pick? Guess what, you actually just need 2 for completing your look. If you just own one leather jacket and One denim jacket, it will go with almost any and all western apparel. What’s best is your look will look more complete. The best thing is that if the denim jacket matches your denim jeans, they alone will work the charm, and if they are layered clothing, it will give a different vibe altogether.

5. Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace is something which astonishingly not many women have. A thin silver chain around your neck is like a cherry on top of icing when worn with Long neck tops. Otherwise any tee you wear or even if you are wearing an open jacket, it will highlight your apparel even more than it is already there. A small word of caution, make sure there is a small pendant and it should not be loud. Simple and Subtle will go very smoothly with your dressing.

Dolly Jain

So this concludes our 5 Wardrobes Must-Have.

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