The wardrobe has gone stale is a common problem. The issue is not that the wardrobe has gone stale, it is the regularly worn combos that are not ringing any bells. So, what to do? Here are some suggestions.

 1.  Break the season: Sometimes you have a limited stock of apparels for one particular season. How about you sometimes break the pattern and wear something off season. For example a full Shirt with folded sleeves. Break the season’s pattern once in a while and you can refresh your wardrobe easily without any effort.

 2. Accessories: How about adding some different accessories to the old combination? Imagine your red traditional dress with a phulkari dupatta, ideally this combination is for a shaadi but can be an office dress as well.

 3. Variation: Try out something new every now and then. Try to tuck in that T-shirt, or wear a full sleeve with shorts. Clothing is the best way for you to learn permutation and Combinations. Try as many combinations as you want and something good will come out.

4. Get those old favorites out: You had an old favourite but it is now sitting in a corner of your stockpiles of clothes. Get it out and try it with some suitable combinations. Your once a favourite apparel can always be trending your wardrobe again.

The basic idea is simply to circulate the apparels that were sitting in the corner or trying a new combination. You will be surprised with what you discover or fall in love with a rediscovery. Do let me know in the comments what you tried out while refreshing your wardrobe.

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