Shaadi season is starting soon right? Jewelry? Check.! Makeup? Check! Dress? Too many options. A very common confusion I have seen people facing in this season. One can always go and buy like crazy but not everyone has that budget. Yes, traditionally Sari is there, but they are common. So what is a little out of box? Here are some combinations which I believe you can always try out to slay the Shaadi Season Outfits while standing out.

Kurta and Plazo

As I did mention in my earlier blogs that this combination is comfy and soothing probably designed for the summer weddings. But I would like to recommend some more details. When you are going for this combination you should either go for a printed palazzo with plain kurta or a printed kurta with a plain palazzo. This will result in an appropriate dressing, it will not look too sparkly nor will it look too plain, which I believe is perfect for your Shaadi Season Outfits.

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Do not confuse sharara with any other dress combo. This is a magnificent dress. Sharara has only one variation and that is an embroidered Anarkali kurti. Shararas are loose at ankles and more of like a straight fit. But they catch everyone’s attention. You might just be talk of the wedding after wearing those.

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Suit Churidars

The main thing that most people miss in this combo is the pallu. You see if you are choosing a warm pair for your suit churidar, cool color of the chunni is important preferably of the same shade or vice versa. Apart from that suit churidars are very comfy and another invention for summer shaadis.

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Ghagras are elegant way of telling everyone that you are a very important relative. The only shortcoming of a ghagra is it can be heavy. But you just need to wear it during the day that shaddi will take place.

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Shaadi season doesn’t just now mean too many rituals. It also includes a reception. You need to wear a ball dress for this reception. Your best bet is a gown. Gowns are so elegant and magnificent that you need to have them this Shaadi season. Flaunting yourself just couldn’t get any easier.

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When you are at a wedding the dress you are wearing also tells everyone how close you are to the people who are getting married. But since not everyone is comfortable in sari you can choose the above combos.

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