This dress is my all-time favorite one. As you see the V-Cut Top goes with the Slit skirt and you can even wear with some shorts or a tight body fit skirt.

Dolly Jain

Accessories to go with it?
•You can wear these with leg wrap lace-up sandals which, shows off and with a thin silver pendant. Apart from that if you like any bangles you can wear thin bangles which are of silver. Basically try avoiding accessories which show off too much.

Will This affect anyone as per height?
• Yes, So this skirt would look better on tall women because of the slit which would cover your legs and make it look more attractive. So, basically if you are tall, it will look better on you.

Will my color shade affect the beauty of this dress.
• Black looks really great on dusky people. I feel it’s a myth that considers black wouldn’t go with dusky people.

Any other additions on the dress?
• You can wear a simple bronze and/or silver watch as it goes better with black.

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