A black full sleeve top with denim shorts and black boots that can be worn when you are going for an outing or for a casual hangout with friends and family. It is quite comfortable for a person to roam in shorts in the entire city and that’s how you can roll with your little combination

Dolly Jain

Accessories to go with it?
• You really don’t need to add any accessories with this except for a watch and a small finger ring adds a lot more to your combination.

Will This affect anyone as per height?
• Yes, it will. The taller you are the better will the shorts look on you. So height will basically be another additional factor to add to your beauty.

Will my color shade affect the beauty of this dress?
• No, it will not. It has the same charm as black goes well with dusky skin tone as it goes with fair skin tones.

Any other tip with regards to dress?
If you don’t have the boots then you can go for white sneakers or Stilettos covering your feet. Basically covering your feet and adding height will increase the charm of this little combination of ours.

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