The thing about clothes is they are the first thing everyone looks at when they see you. It also attracts real men. Perverts look for the skin but men find women confident when they are confident about their dress and their skin which is shown in their walk and conversations. So how do you dress to impress? Here are a few suggestions as per me:

Dress as per Weather: The first thing that you can go for is as per the weather. When the weather is cold and if you are not comfortable in a short dress, don’t wear it. This will definitely not attract him towards you. If it is summer you can go for a dress and open sandals. In winter a combo that you can wear is leggings, a sweater, and leather boots. They can be an epic combo.

Dolly Jain Fashion Blogger

A little Short: Since 1920’s dresses are in. Sometimes cropped dresses are just the thing you need. For example, a Cap sleeve crop top with a skirt in white and black combo respectively gives you the look that you mean business. Cropped top with jeans and cool canvas shoes also work just perfect. Make sure you wear that pendant as well for the cherry on the icing.

Dolly Jain Fashion Blogger

Cool Casual and covered: While these also include the traditional wear but you cannot always wear that on dates, but you need to look casual and feel comfortable. Here is a suggestion for you to wear that loose shirt/blouse with canvas shoes and blue denim jeans to rock the ‘Try and Woo me’ look.

In the end, it’s more than clothes. Clothes can only help you in showing off your mood and personality more closely but in the end, you have to be the real you and show your personality by yourself.

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