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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is essential for every person to look trendy. You can pick some of the things for your daily use as per your choice but along that they need to look very fashionable and stylish. So, a capsule wardrobe is perfect for everyone. First of all, it is a collection of clothes that can mix and blend to create a variety of outfits. That is what a’ capsule wardrobe’ entails. Usually, for three months, you wear a capsule wardrobe and then change it for the next season at… Read More

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Simple ways to refresh your Wardrobe

The wardrobe has gone stale is a common problem. The issue is not that the wardrobe has gone stale, it is the regularly worn combos that are not ringing any bells. So, what to do? Here are some suggestions.  1.  Break the season: Sometimes you have a limited stock of apparels for one particular season. How about you sometimes break the pattern and wear something off season. For example a full Shirt with folded sleeves. Break the season’s pattern once in a while and you can refresh your wardrobe easily… Read More

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