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Shaadi Season Outfits

Shaadi season is starting soon right? Jewelry? Check.! Makeup? Check! Dress? Too many options. A very common confusion I have seen people facing in this season. One can always go and buy like crazy but not everyone has that budget. Yes, traditionally Sari is there, but they are common. So what is a little out of box? Here are some combinations which I believe you can always try out to slay the Shaadi Season Outfits while standing out. Kurta and Plazo As I did mention in my earlier blogs that… Read More

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Dress to Impress

The thing about clothes is they are the first thing everyone looks at when they see you. It also attracts real men. Perverts look for the skin but men find women confident when they are confident about their dress and their skin which is shown in their walk and conversations. So how do you dress to impress? Here are a few suggestions as per me: Dress as per Weather: The first thing that you can go for is as per the weather. When the weather is cold and if you… Read More

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